This package is recommended for you if...

✔️ you never know the difference between "szeretek" and "szeretem", "tudok" and "tudom

✔️ you need step-by-step explanation with lots of examples about the rules of definite conjugation

✔️ you understand the rules of indefinite and definite conjugation but you need practice

✔️ you would like to practice conjugation in context

✔️you are looking for skills development exercises where the focus is on indefinite vs. definite conjugation

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Short dialogues
to provide context

Listen to and read 6 dialogues. The interactive texts that accompany the dialogues help you draw your focus on definite conjugation.

Grammar explanations
and practice tasks

With the help of example sentences from the dialogues we explain grammar step-by-step: learn about the use and practice the form.

Skills development tasks
and grammar in context

Boost your listening, reading and writing skills while practicing grammar in context with 2 sets of skills development tasks.

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Join us now and practice

definite conjugation in context!

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