This package is recommended for you if...

✔️ you are interested in Hungarian culture, specifically Hungarian holidays

✔️ you are looking for short texts with audio, word list and translation to boost your reading skills

✔️ you would like to enrich your vocabulary with words related to culture, traditions, history

✔️ you like discussing cultural topics

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Short interactive texts

The core of each lesson is a short, interactive text about Hungarian holidays and traditions. They summarize the most important pieces of information you need to know about each holiday. They are ideal for learners at intermediate level, but as the texts come with a word list and translation, learners at lower levels can also benefit from them.

Audio recordings

Each short text comes with an audio recording. First you can listen to the text without reading it to challenge your listening comprehension, and then you can listen to it again while reading the text with interactive roll-over translation for the most difficult words.

Quiz questions

Each lesson starts with a quiz question. You can first guess what the answer is, then listen to the recording to make sure if your assumption was right. If you get the answer right, you get to see the interactive text with further useful exercises.

Gap-filling tasks

You can open a gap-filling exercise in a new tab. You can solve the task two ways: you can either fill in the gaps while listening to the audio, or you can fill in the gaps after reading and listening to challenge your memory. The word list is also included in the task, with gaps to fill in, too.

Quizlet word lists

You can learn the words of the text with the help of Quizlet; an application that helps learners memorize vocabulary with various games and tasks.

Discussion questions

There are discussion questions for each topic that you can answer in the comments. This way we can learn about each other's cultures. You can also get your comments corrected in your personal GoogleDrive folder if you chose the higher pricing plan.

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