Hungarize is a website for learners of Hungarian. Our mission is (1) to provide you with daily practice opportunities and help you learn Hungarian in a fun way through modern, interactive material that is also practical and authentic, and (2) to help you become an autonomous learner who is happy to learn Hungarian outside the classroom as well.

Here you can find the various ways we can help you learn Hungarian. (Click on the pictures to learn more about them.)

Daily Dose of Hungarian

to provide you with
daily practice opportunities

Our Daily Dose of Hungarian project is a monthly subscription where you boost all your skills and enrich your vocabulary with daily dialogues, discussion questions and notes.

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to help you practice Hungarian
outside the classroom

We create various packages to help you practice Hungarian in between your lessons. Each package contains short tasks that you can easily build into your busy schedule.

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Grammar lessons

to help you practice
grammar in context

Each grammar lesson focuses on one topic, with the following structure: 1) dialogues to provide context, 2) step-by-step explanation with tasks, 3) skills development tasks with grammar in context.

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to help you make
learning Hungarian a habit

Our seasonal 7/14/30-day thematic challenges will help you find ways to practice Hungarian regularly; ways that you actually enjoy and can build into your daily routine.

The next challenge starts on the 3rd of October.
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to help you learn
Hungarian effectively

Our seasonal mini-courses help you learn Hungarian effectively with practical study tips and tasks. The courses consist of video lessons with printables and contain various resources that you can try.

The first mini-course starts on the 1st of November.